Arkansas AD On Fans Tearing Down The Goalposts After Texas Win: “We’re Gonna Let ‘Em Come Down”

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You gotta love that attitude.

Arkansas gave Texas a glimpse of their future in the SEC this past weekend when the unranked Razorbacks put a 40-21 smackdown on the #15 Longhorns.

And after the game, Arkansas fans took to the field to celebrate and bring down the goalposts at Razorback Stadium.

As the clocked ticked down to zero, police warned Arkansas athletic director Hunter Yurachek that the goalposts were in danger of coming down if fans rushed the field.

“You know they’re probably gonna take that post down don’t you?”

Yurachek wasn’t worried.

“We can replace it. We’re gonna let ’em come down.

Love that energy from Yurachek. Too many times you see schools start to block off the field with security before the clock runs out to keep fans off the field after a big win – and that just kills the celebration.

And look, I get it, you don’t want to pay the fine from the conference and you’re worried about somebody getting hurt. But shit like this is what makes college football so special. And sometimes you just need to let fans celebrate.

So that’s exactly what Hunter Yurachek did. He knew what a big win and what a special moment this was for his school and didn’t even try to stop them.

And he also knew that trying to stop them would probably be pretty useless:

“We’ll get fined for it, but if we don’t let ’em come down people will get hurt.”

Well sure enough it didn’t take long for the goalposts to come down:

Now, plenty of people are saying that beating this Texas team wasn’t worthy of rushing the field and tearing down the goalposts, but for an Arkansas team that finished next to last in their division last year, a win over a top 15 team is a big deal. (Whether Texas deserved to be ranked that high? Well, that’s a different discussion).

I don’t know if you’ve ever been part of a crowd that tore down the goalposts after a big win, but if you haven’t, there’s really not a more electric feeling for fans than to be on the field with your team like that.

So good for Arkansas for realizing what a moment that was for Razorback fans and letting them celebrate their big win.

You gotta think Justin Moore’s feeling pretty good about his Hogs right now.

And as for Texas?

Well, I wonder if they’re second-guessing their decision to bolt from the Big 12 yet.

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