Yellowstone Season 4: A Character-By-Character Break Down From The Official Trailer

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After a long, long wait… the official Yellowstone: Season 4 trailer is HERE.

Everything we expected and more, all hell is about to break loose in this season. Revenge is the main theme, and after the brutal attacks in the Season 3 finale, you’re damn right the Dutton family is coming for blood.

But if we dissect the trailer, it really doesn’t look good at all for the Dutton family.

So if you’re still catching up, you might want to scroll on through, because we might get into some spoilers here in a minute, and if that is you, they’ve got a full blown three-season marathon happening on Paramount Network this weekend… no more excuses.

So moving on…

Like I’ve said before, I think none of the Dutton family members are going to die as a result of the Season 3 finale attacks.

We know that Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) finds a shot-up John Dutton (Kevin Costner), on the road, so I think there might be time to save him. Plus, he’s the main character.

One of the new cast members was described as a young boy that Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) takes under her wing so I don’t think she’s dead… and Kayce (Luke Grimes), he got a beat on the attackers, flipping his deck, drawing his pistol… he’s a Navy SEAL… he’ll be alright. Will the other folks in his office be ok? Probably not…

But now, looking at the new trailer, let’s try and break it down scene-by-scene, character-by-character… because I have a ton more questions, a few theories, and a whole bunch of probably worthless thoughts.

Roll the tape:

Let’s start with the easy ones…

Jimmy Hurdstrom

We all saw Jimmy fall off the horse and this scene is obviously when Mia finds him. I think he’s probably ok, but maybe not… falling off a horse can be a devastating fall.

However, does it coincide with something else? The trailer kind of makes it feel like everything is happening at once, but we know that’s probably not the case.

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We see Laramie crying up against the side of a barn, maybe the bunkhouse… is she just upset about Jimmy? Did something happen to Walker? Is the ranch under attack?

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The Bunkhouse

Which brings me to the next point… is there a ranch attack as well?

Perhaps the most intriguing scene in the whole trailer… who is the dude hanging? There’s clearly a man hanging in the right side of the frame… but that looks like Colby, Ryan and possibly Teeter scrambling out of the paddock.

Is that a fellow ranch hand that they found as an attempt to draw them out in the open? Did they hang somebody? Who’s up on the horse at the top of the hill?

There’s just so many questions…

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Walker (Ryan Bingham) is locked and loaded at the Dutton Ranch furthering the theory that the entire ranch falls under attack.

Is it the same time as the other attacks on the individual members of the Dutton family? Seems likely…

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In one scene we see Lloyd tell Monica and Tate to get to the bunkhouse. He seems confused about what is happening, but he has a rifle in hand, ready to defend the ranch.

But then, another scene shows him getting his ass kicked. Is he captured? Is that just some internal ranch beef?

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And speaking of Monica, who is this bozo (literally) that attacks her in the clown mask? Once again, the trailer kind of makes you feel like the ranch is under attack and all of this is happening at once, but this is more than likely a different event, later in the season.

We know what happened the last time somebody tried to attack Monica…

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Mo was there the last time Monica got attacked, but in the trailer we see him doing some more dirty work. Apparently at a casino, we see Mo doin’ what he does best, and roughing up some casino patron.

My theory? This guy knows who attacked the Duttons or is in some way connected to the attack. My theory is that the Duttons will inevitably have to come to terms with Rainwater and the Tribes of Broken Rock, with Tate Dutton, who is half Dutton and half Native American, being the heir to the land.

Only wrench is that theory is if Angela Blue Thunder does something to implicate Rainwater and the Tribe in the attacks… she’s a wildcard that Angela Blue Thunder. And she’s out for blood.

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And speaking of guilty parties in the attacks…

Garrett Randall

It’s likely that there is more than one culprit in the Dutton family attacks, but Garrett Randall, Jamie’s biological father, has been positioned as the main bad guy in Season 4. Roark and the rich suits be damned…

In the trailer we hear this exchange:

Fair, moral… those are words men invented to scare and shame other men from taking back what they’ve stolen.”

And when Jamie asks about right or wrong… Randall replies:

“There’s no such thing…”

He done did some shit… but here’s the thing, I don’t think Jamie knows about it at all. In fact, I think Jamie is going to be pretty pissed when he finds out what his dad did to the man that raised him.

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And finally…


As much as Jamie is kind of a weasel, a shithead, and a coward, I think he ultimately is loyal to the best interests of the Dutton family. He knows that John won’t be able to afford the land and it will eventually be taken from him so brokering a deal with Market Equities to sell of a small portion of the land is the wisest move.

Hell, even Beth tries to get her dad to take the deal.

But knowing what we know about Jamie’s relationship with Beth, plus the fact that he’s adopted, it’s not hard to see why there is a lot of trauma there. But did he attack his own family? No way… he doesn’t have it in him. What would even be the end game there?

I think he tells Rip not to call him for an entirely different reason at the end of Season 3. And then when he finds out what happens, he says, “Oh my God…”

And later, we see him pointing a gun, presumably at his own father, questioning him about right and wrong.

Ultimately, I think Jamie’s story is one of redemption. Redemption for what he did to Beth, redemption for that interview he gave about John… Season 4 is about Jamie’s path to full acceptance as a member of the Dutton family.

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But hey, what do I know?

Some theories, mostly questions…. I’m sure there is something I’m missing in all of this, but we’ll find out on November 7th.

One thing I do know for sure… it’s gonna be EPIC.

Buckle up.

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