Luke Combs Debuts Full Throttle Southern Anthem, “South On Ya,” Just In Time For College Football Season

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Alright look, I’m gonna level with ya… I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Western Illinois and went to college at an EXTREMELY overpriced private school in downtown Chicago. Why? No clue…

And while it all led to me where I am today, one of my biggest regrets is not going to a big state school where college football is part of the lifeblood of the experience. And I know the SEC is whole ‘nother animal when it comes to college football, but at this point, I’d settle for a school that even had a football team…

But all being said, and without an allegiance to any school whatsoever, I’m PUMPED for the college football season.

And so is Luke Combs.

Released today, his new song “South On Ya” is the official theme song of the SEC Network. An anthem of Southern pride, it raises a glass to all of the Southern states, from “Texas to Missouri, from the Arkansas Hollers, and the grass in Kentucky,” all the way to Luke’s home state of North Carolina… Florida, Tennessee and Georgia and the rest.

And being a big college football guy that made a name for himself playing in college towns across the South, Luke couldn’t be more pumped to debut this new one just in time for the college football season.

“This one is pretty special. I’m a big SEC fan & have spent a lot of time playing in college towns in the SEC, so the fact one of my songs is such a big part of the SEC Network is an honor & full circle moment. Hope y’all love it!”

If this doesn’t get you fired up for the season, check your pulse.

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