Carly Pearce’s “Dear Miss Loretta” Is As Country As Country Gets

Fiddles? Check. Steel? Check. Heartbreak? Check. Paying homage to one of the greats? Check.

“Dear Miss Loretta” is the latest release from Carly Pearce, who’s rise to stardom has been kicked into high gear with the release of her 29 EP and announcement of an extension to that project, a full length record called 29: Written In Stone.

“Dear Miss Loretta” is the first song released since the album announcement, and oh man is it country. In the past, Carly has dabbled a bit in the pop-country realm, but this one really digs into those Kentucky roots and exemplifies the step she’s recently taken into a higher tier of country artist.

The song is an open letter of sorts to the one and only Loretta Lynn, saying something to the extent of “I’ve always sang along and liked your songs, but now I understand the hurt that made you sing them.”

Written by Carly, the great Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, the final verse and chorus sum up the song nicely.

“Dear Miss Loretta
We both grew up too fast
And I wish you could tell me
How you made it last

I ain’t a coal miner’s daughter
But I’ve sung it all my life
I ain’t been a widow
But I’ve been an ex-wife
And I hear your truth
And I feel your pain
Now I know why you sang that way
Yeah, I know why you sang that way.”

And oh yeah, she got Patty Loveless, an underrated star from the ’90s, to sing with her. You know, just to kick it up a notch.

Carly Pearce is well on her way to superstardom, and I am HERE for it. A divorce is brutal experience for anybody, especially someone in the public eye, I have to selfishly admit, the music coming from it is just so damn good.

Keep crushing it Carly.

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