Travis Denning Tells The Tale Of A Love Gone Wrong With New “Jack And Coke”

Gotta be honest, wasn’t what I was expecting when I hit play on this one.

I’m so jaded by radio country these days that I see a title like “Jack and Coke” and I automatically assume it’s another ode to the classic drink – some bro country song about getting too fucked up on Jack and Cokes on some backroad somewhere.

Let’s be clear: That’s not what this one is.

Travis Denning‘s new “Jack and Coke,” written by CJ Solar and Chris Stevens along with Travis, uses its clever wordplay to tell the tale of a love gone wrong: Jack meets Jill, they fall in love, but in the end Jill leaves so all he’s left with is “Jack and Coke.”

I like it.

We preach it all the time here: Songwriting is everything.

And when you can put a unique spin on it and surprise me with a song called “Jack and Coke,” well now you have my attention.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock