Aaron Lewis Drunkenly Plays The Same Song Twice During A Show: “I Might Be Slightly Overserved”

An Aaron Lewis show is not for the faint of heart.

The crowd is rowdy as f*ck, Lewis is usually a bit off the rails… I mean, you just never know what’s going to happen. All you know is it’s going to be wild.

And chances are you didn’t just wander into an Aaron Lewis show off the street. It’s not like you read the calendar at your local bar or venue and said, “hmmm, Aaron Lewis, eh? I’ll go check that out.”

You, and everybody else in that room, know exactly what you’re getting in to. The politics, the rants… you’re showing up to hear that.

At a recent show in Dewey Beach, Delaware, Lewis started to intro to a song called “It’s Been Awhile.” Released in 2001, the song was released by Lewis’ band at the time, Stained, and now some 20 years later, it still remains a fan favorite among Lewis’ loyal fans.

“I wrote this song 25 f*ckin’ years ago. Actually that’s not true because I’ve been saying that for a couple years… let’s just call it 25 years.

I feel old enough… every time I look in the mirror, every time I get out of bed in the morning, I’m like ‘oh, f*ck.'”

And then he launched into the song…

Only problem was it was the second time he performed it that night.

After the lengthy intro, and the better half of the song, he interrupted himself:

“You know what I am realizing right this second? That I’m drunk enough that I should be playing ‘Outside’ right now, but instead I’m playing a f*cking song I already played today.

Which means I might be slightly overserved. So should I play the f*cking song I was supposed to be playing the whole f*cking time? Because maybe I might’ve smoked a little bit too much weed tonight.

I will say… that’s a first, that’s a first right there Dewey Beach… I’ll hear about that one tomorrow.”

And then it got interesting…

“Actually, I’ll call you out. And we shall see whether you guys out me tomorrow for that. So I guess we’ll just see how much ya’ll love me… you can give me a free pass. It is entirely and totally up to you.”

Sorry Aaron… they let you down.

Granted, I’ve seen a zillion artists forget their words, slur their words, fall down on stage, get drunk as all hell up there… hell, even George Jones and Willie Nelson have had to call off shows because they were too toasted before it even started to take the stage.

And to be honest, I’ve had more than a few beers and tried to pick up a guitar myself, and it didn’t go well… so I don’t know how most of you do it to begin with.

Not to mention, I’m half drunk writing this blog… so who am I to judge?

So Aaron, while your fans did sell you out and put this on the internet for assholes like me to blog about, I wouldn’t sweat it. The Biden’s daughter comment is gonna piss off a lot more people than you singing the same song twice.

Never a dull moment with Aaron Lewis.

He also played his new single “Am I The Only One.”

“I don’t give a f*ck what side of the fence you stand on, at some point in the last 18 months you have f*cking looked at your TV and said ‘what in the f*ck is happening to our country?’

So I write songs, that’s what I do… and I wrote this song for me because that’s how I was f*cking feeling. And anytime I write a song for me, it tends to all work out.

And I pissed off some people, but here’s the irony of it all… I’m fighting for them too.”

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