Dolly Parton Does Jaw-Dropping Bluegrass Cover Of Led Zeppelin’s Iconic Song, “Stairway To Heaven”

Nicky J. Sims/Redferns

I’m ashamed to admit I never knew this video existed until today.

Dolly Parton covered Led Zeppelin’s iconic song “Stairway To Heaven” during a show at Dollywood back in 2004 and it’s amazing.

It’s a super twangy, banjo-filled version of the original track, and I think it shows off her vocals really well, too. She doesn’t ever seem to get the credit she deserves when it comes to how well she really can sing. The woman can belt it out when she needs to.

Anyways, her version of the song was originally recorded for her 2002 Halos & Horns bluegrass album.

I’d love to tell you that “Stairway To Heaven” was a number one single for Led Zeppelin and charted everywhere, but in fact, it never even charted at all.

That’s because they purposefully decided to never release it as a single so people would have to buy the entire Led Zeppelin IV album, and not just hear the song on the radio. Pretty solid marketing strategy for 1971 if you ask me.

While “Stairway” is often regarded as one of, if not the, greatest rock songs of all time, I quite enjoy this version, too.

As we’re all well-aware by now, Dolly is a Queen who can do absolutely anything, and this is no exception.

In fact, just yesterday she recreated her iconic 1978 Playboy magazine cover for her husband’s birthday and all but broke the damn internet.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy what’s about to be the best seven minutes of your day so far:

And here’s the studio version:

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