Tim McGraw Announces New Single, “7500 OBO”

Taking y’all back to 2014…

I’ll straight up admit it, when Tim dropped his Here On Earth album last August, “7500 OBO” was immediately my favorite song from the album, in a borderline shameful, guilty pleasure song kind of way.

We’re talking snap tracks, r&b guitar licks, trucks, shotgun seats, two-lane roads…. the whole nine yards.

You thought we left all this back in 2014, but nope, Timmy don’t give a damn, he’s bringing it back. But while the production should and does make me cringe, something about it just hooks me in.

It sounded like a song at the worst peak of the bro-country era, and yet, for some unknown reason, I still sorta, kinda… like it.

And now… it’s going to be his next single.

The third single from Here On Earth, it was written by Nathan Spicer, Matt McGinn, and Jennifer Schott.

“7500 OBO” is set to impact country radio on August 2nd.

And actually, the acoustic version is much better.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock