Ronnie Dunn Calls Morgan Wallen “One Of The Most Talented Singer/Songwriters In A Long Time”

Ronnie Dunn, Morgan Wallen smiling

High praise from Ronnie Dunn.

On his SirusXM Prime Country radio show Ronnie Dunn’s Road Trip from this past Friday, Ronnie heaped a ton of praise on Morgan Wallen right after playing “Talkin’ Tennessee.”

Written by Jeff Hyde, Morgan Wallen, and Craig Wiseman, “Talkin’ Tennessee” is a cut from Wallen’s 2018 album, If I Know Me.

Following the song, Ronnie called him one of the most promising young talents he’s heard in a long time:

“You just heard Morgan Wallen and trust me, the kid’s one of the most talented, promising singer/songwriters that’s come along in a LONG time.

That’s Morgan singing ‘Talkin’ Tennessee.”

Quite the compliment from a country music legend like Ronnie Dunn, one that I’m sure he doesn’t toss around casually.

Of course, Ronnie and Morgan were recently spotted together at Morgan’s label Big Loud. There wasn’t a lot of context, but fans began to speculate that perhaps they were writing or recording together.

The photo was shared by Big Loud CEO Seth England back in May and featured the caption:

“Two of the very best singers to ever walk music row. A bucket list picture I never knew I needed until now.

The voice that got me into country music… and the voice that’s keeping me going.”

Morgan however, continues to be a hotly debated topic in the country music world, and really outside the country music world as well.

As he begins to return to the spotlight, debut new songs, get more spins on country radio, and eventually make his official return to touring, people continue debate whether or not he was punished enough for his racial slur incident this past February.

The CMA Awards decided that he would still be ineligible to participate or be nominated, however they conceded that any award that wasn’t solely given to him, AKA categories other than Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist, he would still be eligible.

One thing is for sure though… surrounding himself a music industry veteran and role model like Eric Church is wise move.

And who knows, maybe he’ll pick up Ronnie Dunn as a mentor too.

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