Toby Keith Covers John Prine’s “Take A Look At My Heart” On His Upcoming Album

Toby Keith, John Prine are posing for a picture
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Gotta be honest, I didn’t have Toby Keith covering a John Prine song on my 2021 Bingo card.

But it looks like it’s happening. Toby recently released the track list for his upcoming album, Peso In My Pocket, and tucked in there amongst the new songs is a cover of John Prine’s “Take a Look At My Heart.”

The song, which Prine co-wrote with John Mellencamp, was featured on Prine’s 1991 album The Missing Years and included Bruce Springsteen on the guitar and backing vocals.

Toby’s album will also feature a song that he co-wrote with rocker and former member of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, called “Growing Up Is a Bitch.” And there’s also a track on there written by Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd.

It’s been awhile since I’ve really been into Toby Keith’s music but I’ve gotta admit, this one has my attention – especially that John Prine cover.

Peso in My Pocket track list:

1. “Oklahoma Breakdown” (Michael Hosty)
2. “Peso in My Pocket” (Toby Keith)
3. “Old School” (Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris, Brett Tyler)
4. “Old Me Better” (Kevin R. Moore, John Lewis Parker)
5. “Days I Shoulda Died” (Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Jessie Jo Dillon)
6. “Growing Up Is a Bitch” (Toby Keith, Sammy Hagar)
7. “She’s Drinkin’ Again” (Toby Keith)
8. “Thunderbird” (Toby Keith)
9. “Take a Look at My Heart” (John Mellencamp, John Prine)
10. “Happy Birthday America” (Toby Keith)

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