Texas Woman Arrested For Crashing 4th Of July Parade On Tractor, Rammed Through Fence Evading Police

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She really wanted to be in that 4th of July parade, huh?

According to Fox 4, a 61-year-old Texas woman was arrested for crashing the local 4th of July parade in Rockwall, Texas. Despite not being in the parade, she attempted to join the processional with her tractor.

When police were called to remove her from the line, she took off, and eventually drove through a fence trying to evade the police.

She faces charges of evading arrest, interference with a processional, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief.

Hilarious… if there isn’t some crazy old lady with red hair running from the cops on a tractor, is it even the 4th of July down in Texas?

I’m thinking someone might’ve had a few too many red, white and blue Bud Heavies for breakfast, but you really got hand it to the cops here. Dude is chasing a tractor on foot, half a football field behind the chaos, and he’s still running to catch up.

Just zero quit in the man, you love to see it.

Hell of a mugshot too…

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