Johnny Manziel Immediately Shows College Athletes How To Make Money (Now That They Can)

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This week, we received some pretty big news when it comes to the NCAA.

As of today, athletes are allowed to start making money off of their name, image, and likeness. It’s a significant change to the NCAA landscape and opens up a ton of opportunities for student athletes.

Johnny Manziel, who recently admitted to getting paid thousands of dollars to sign autographs while in school, had some advice for current college athletes on how to make money.

And it’s pretty simple… MERCH.

Honestly, he’s spot on here.

If this was legal when he was playing could you imagine how much merch he would’ve been able to push? He tried to trademark Johnny Football while still at Texas A&M but was unable to due to the standing rules from the NCAA at the time.

He would’ve made thousands and thousands of dollars, perhaps even millions. That’s how big of a personality he was in 2012 and 2013.

I love how he throws in the follow up tweet to warn about having too much merch beforehand from his own previous experience. Honestly, it’s super easy. Just hire someone to create a cool design, upload it on a t-shirt, send out the link and make money.

Unrelated to his t-shirt business idea, he did have another take that I also agreed with when the news broke.

Give Reggie his Heisman back, let the athletes make money for themselves, and stay the hell out of the way, NCAA.

JJ Reddick weighed in with a hilarious (self-deprecating) tweet of his own.

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