Slade Coulter’s “Coming Back Around” Proves He’s Next For The Texas Country Rock Scene

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Tim Castleman

The Texas Country/Rock Scene might be the most booming sub-genre of music today.

Artists like Kolby Cooper, Austin Meade, Pecos & The Rooftops and, of course, Koe Wetzel are blowing up from the Texas scene with a sound that has country roots, but also a whole lot of old fashioned rock and roll.

Now, I’m a HUGE Koe Wetzel fan (please see my first Koe concert experience here), but after listening to literally all of the music he’s put out over and over and over again, I needed to find something in the same ballpark but new.

Insert Slade Coulter.

The Lubbock, Texas native is still very new on the scene, but the edge and songwriting on the music he’s put out to this point has been absolutely top tier.

His 2020 EP Here We Go Again featured some fantastic songwriting (see his performance of “Take It Out On Me” on Zach Bryan’s Belting Bronco Series), and while the songs sounded good, the production level just wasn’t at the level of a Koe or Kolby.

Although to be fair, they both started with rough around the edges sounds that have developed into what you hear on their latest albums.

But this year, Slade put out a single, “Hey Mary” and the potential we heard in his first EP came to life. The song is not only a great piece of songwriting, but sounds so smooth yet still edgy, a hard balance to get.

It’s a story of a girl who, even though she has a man, flirts with the singer and always tells him she’s going to leave to be with him, but never does.

“Hey Mary”

And more recently, he released another new one titled “Coming Back Around.”

If the path Slade is on is anything like Koe and Kolby, and it sure looks like it is, sign me the hell up.

Also, check out Slade’s appearance on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast.

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