Cody Johnson Moved To Tears Performing The Gospel Classic, “How Great Thou Art,” At The Ryman

The voice of Cody Johnson… my goodness.

CoJo just wrapped up back to back sold out shows at the iconic Ryman Theater in Nashville, and during the second night, brought out the classic gospel song, “How Great Thou Art.”

To say the people liked it would be an understatement…

Before the performance, Cody warned the crowd he might not make it all the way through…

“Listen, I’m gonna preface this with… if I choke up, I’m sorry. If I don’t get through this song, I want y’all to sing it with me, but I’m gonna try my best, okay?”

He then went on to deliver an absolutely phenomenal rendition in the once Union Gospel Tabernacle, now most legendary venue in all of country music.

He’s already released a song called “His Name Is Jesus,” and with the success of Carrie Underwood’s recent gospel album and the reaction of the crowd at the Ryman, it sure seems like there would be a demand for it if Cody ever decides to go down that route (he does have a Christmas album coming this year).

Until then, we’ll wait anxiously for his upcoming 18 song album Human (the name which was announced on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast by the way…)

He also delivered an emotional performance of “His Name Is Jesus,” which was featured as a live bonus track on his 2019 album, Ain’t Nothin’ To It.

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