Suns Fan Delivers All-Time Great Beatdown To Nuggets Fan With All-Time Bad Haircut


Tensions were high during Game 3 of the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets series last night, and I’m not talking about on the court. I’m talking about in the stands.

Now granted, we’ve seen a TON of stadium fights lately, but this might be the beatdown of the year.

No context whatsoever, but we got a couple of Denver Nuggets fans (at home by the way) and one Suns fan with the low ground.

We see a fair bit of pushing and shoving, and it looks like Suns guy doesn’t want to deal with this, but when bad haircut tries to sneak a quick one in… it’s all over.

Suns guy drops the gloves, grabs the jersey, and starts bombing some hockey-style uppercuts into bad haircut’s face.

He then drops a “Suns in 4” while he continues to ragdoll Mr. Suckerpunch. With his nose leaking like a faucet, the Nuggets bozos hightail it out of there and nobody bats an eye. USUALLY… not always, but most of the time, the hometown fans don’t let one of their own take a beating like that.

Something tells me these fools had it coming to ’em. And after a beatdown like that, you gotta find a new team. You can’t show your face at that stadium anymore.

The Suns taking care of business on the court and their fans handling their own in the stands. I mean… just an all-time great display dominance.

And yeah, Suns in 4…

For real though, what the hell is this haircut?

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