Kayakers Rescue Drowning Moose Calf From Frigid Canadian River

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Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear wetsuits, technical kayaking gear, and GoPros.

While navigating a tumultuous stretch of Alberta’s Sheep River, two Canadian kayakers noticed a moose calf being swept away in the fast moving water as the distressed mother moose could do nothing to help from the shore.

So, they sprung into action and saved that little moose.

According to Global News, as the video emerged, it became apparent that the baby moose could not have been in better hands as far as rescuers go.

Scott Linton, the man seen in the water is a firefighter. The man holding the rope is Benny Clark, a professional kayaker.

The Rescue Mission

The men said they just went into rescue mode once they got out the rope and into the water, and the treated the situation like he would have treated rescuing a person.

“You just go in the mode, serious, get it done. Kind of just acted like a human being going by… I think it was partly our fault, so getting her out of the river, it was we should have done.

Benny said, ‘Moose,’ and I didn’t see it, at first… we startled her, and she got up and fell into the river.

I wasn’t worried about the river. I was basically thinking just like how heavy is this moose… If you branded a two-month-old calf and lifted it up, that was basically the weight of it.

She was tired and cold. We could see she was shaking. It was really cuddly. It was nice. I would have taken her home… was a nice little moose.”

The dude who held the rope had concerns about the overly protective mother moose, who was obviously agitated with the situation her baby had found itself in.

However, the story has a happy ending as the moose is believed to have been reunited with its mother.

“I wasn’t too worried about the river. I could handle the baby moose,  it was more like where’s mama at? Because they can be aggressive.

I think I heard the mother calling back when she was calling a little bit… so hopefully she found mom.

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