Charles Barkley Gifts Every Single Employee Of Hometown School District $1,000

Charles Barkley with earphones

This is the kind of stuff that gives you hope in humanity.

None other than NBA legend Charles Barkley is stepping up big time to show his appreciation for teachers and school employees in his hometown of Leeds, Alabama.

He reached deep into his own pocket to gift each and every teacher and employee of Leeds City Schools an extra $1,000 as a thank you for everything they did over the past year. Barkley graduated from Leeds High School in 1981.

As many of us know all too well how difficult 2020 was, teachers and employees for local school systems had an especially hard job trying to figure out a completely new way for their students to continue learning during the pandemic.

They had to set up virtual learning, keep classroom COVID protocols so students could return safely when the time came, and experienced immense amounts of stress in the process. I can’t even imagine what it was like to be a teacher during this past school year. Bless them for everything they did.

Leeds City Schools took to Facebook to express their gratitude and thank Charles for his generous gift:

“We are humbled and wish to express our sincere gratitude to Charles Barkley for providing a $1,000 gift to each and every Leeds City Schools employee for going the extra mile this school year.

Being a school employee is tough, but driving a bus, teaching, coaching, or working in the cafeteria, all while maintaining safety protocols, has been a daunting task during a worldwide pandemic.

We are beyond thankful to know our hometown hero and benefactor, Charles Barkley, recognizes the hard work and dedication of the Leeds staff, even under the toughest of circumstances. Thank you, Charles!”

Class act.

A Long History of Giving

They also noted in the post that Barkley has been “quietly” donating money to the school system for years, adding up to $3 million in scholarships that have helped hundreds of students attend college. We need more of this.

It’s refreshing to see someone with such a large platform do some real good in the world and make an impact, all while expecting nothing for it and deflecting any attention for the incredible contributions he’s made.

According to WVTM, Barkley spoke about his legacy at a stop at Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama, saying he just hopes:

“A few people are upset, gonna be sad for a little bit.”

I have a feeling more than a few people are going to be a lot more than just sad for a little bit.

Thank goodness there’s still some good ones out there like Charles.

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