Family Of Bears Crash Great Smoky Mountain Pool Party

Black bears are one of the most entertaining animals on earth.

Their hi-jinxes have been well documented, from chilling on the couch to relaxing in a hot tub and chasing mountain bikers.

Well the bruins are back this week with some more newsworthy antics.

A group of 7 bears were recently filmed taking a dip in the hot tub and pool and roaming the tennis courts at a Gatlinburg, Tennessee, resort.

One of the bears shakes itself dry like a dog, and two juvenile bears even did a little poolside wrestling.

“Now this is a pool party — Gatlinburg style!

A bunch of bears decided to take over the pool at Chalet Village this weekend while the Jefferson Co. HS JROTC was celebrating. A couple bears obviously didn’t read the pool rules about not horsing around.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock