World’s Chillest Black Bear Sits On A Couch Like A Person

A bear sitting on a couch
Mandy Stantic

A black bear was rummaging for food through a Northern Manitoba garbage emporium when it decided to take a load off and kick back on somebodies old couch.

The bear was photographed looking quite comfortable on the trashed sofa in Lac Brochet, Manitoba, Canada.

The funniest part is that the bear even had the same bashful facial expression that dogs make when they get busted sneaking onto the furniture. At one point it even leaned back and crossed its legs to strike a surprisingly human like pose.

Apparently visiting garbage dumps to observe bears is a popular pastime in Northern Canada.

I guess you have to find something to do when hockey season is over and the fish aren’t biting.

According to Global News, the photographer, Mandy Stantic, couldn’t believe it:

“You don’t see that very often. He’s just posing, just like a person… it looked like he was chilling, waiting for some popcorn,” the photographer told Global News.

Bears have also been known to walk on two legs like a person… it’s wild.

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