Tim Tebow’s Jersey Became The Top Selling NFL Item… In Less Than A Day

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Tight End Tebow making some moves…

Yesterday the Jacksonville Jaguars announced they signed Tim Tebow as a Tight End as the world’s reaction was just as expected… Madness.

Fans took to Twitter to express their love, hate, jokes and hot takes, but Twitter wasn’t the only website that saw an uptick in traffic from the news.

As of this morning, Tim Tebow’s jersey was the best selling item on NFL Shop, less than 24 hours after his 6 year hiatus from football ended.

Even more, the top 5 best selling items for the NFL as a whole were all Tim Tebow items, proving that at the very least the Jaguars are getting some much needed attention after 9 losing seasons in the last 10 years.

Between Trevor Lawrence, Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow, the Jags are at least putting the names in place to change their fortunes, but time will tell if it works out for them.

For me, it’s hard to root against Tebow, but as a Steelers fan I have some bad memories of both Tim Tebow and the Jags in the playoffs…

Someone explain how one of, if not the, most accomplished franchise in NFL history manages to lose to Tim Tebow and Blake Bortles in the playoffs within a 3 year period. Ridiculous.

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