Parker McCollum Shares Clip Of New Song “Drinkin'” On Instagram

A man holding a guitar

We’ve been wondering for the past week or so what exactly Parker McCollum’s new song “Drinkin'” might be about.

Would it be slow? Would it be a good old fashioned heartbreak country song? Or an upbeat song to blast on the lake all summer?

Well, it looks like it’s gonna be my favorite kind of song, a heartbreaker… check out some of the lyrics:

“Sorry baby, I’ve been drinkin’
Got the life I wanted and he got you
But if he ever leaves you lonely
Don’t go find nobody else

If there’s a chance that you still want me
You know damn well I need some help
I’m tired of drinkin'”

Here’s the acoustic clip he shared on Instagram:

I already like the sound of this one. Might have to stay up past my bedtime to hear the whole thing… Fingers crossed, it’s the first of more to come in regards to his rumored next album, Gold Chain Cowboy.

“Drinkin'” is out on all streaming platforms tonight at midnight.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock