Adam Sandler And His Incredible Outfit Star In Long Island Pick Up Basketball Game

A group of people playing basketball

The funniest man of the decade in the 1990s has still got some serious game.

Nobody got more laughs back then than Adam Sandler, who burst onto the seen with iconic movies like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and Big Daddy… all pop-culture classics in their own right.

Though the box office hits may have slowed down for Sandler, he still gets buckets on the basketball court.

If you say that Adam Sandler has never made you laugh, then you’re probably lying.

Even this footage of the 54-year old Sandler running the courts with some fellow amateur hoop stars is enough to bring about a simple feeling of joy.

Sandler showed up to the game ready to play in a polo shirt. Unusual attire for a basketball game, and even more unusual given that it was paired with a pair of gym shorts so baggy that they might have fit Shaquille O’Neal.

The man looked like he was wearing a  costume to be an extra in one of his own ’90s movies, except he showed up and stole the show. With such a random combination of clothing, I’m not really sure if he’s underdressed or overdressed for this particular event and that makes it all the more wonderful.

The pick up game apparently took place somewhere on Long Island, and it sounds Sandler is a regular for games in the area.

Naturally the internet had to make fun of Sandler’s attire and playing style. Frequently the target of comedic roasts, his movies and outfits are frequently scrutinized on social media.

Sandler has never been one to listen to the haters though. He’s always seemed to tear a page out of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s philosophical book when it comes to the kind of negative attention that flashy outfits and goofy movies are going to bring.

“And if they hate, let ’em hate … but watch the money pile up.”

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