The Steel Woods Release Highly Anticipated Album ‘All Of Your Stones’, Duet With Ashley Monroe On Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “I Need You”

Derek Stanley

The Steel Woods just dropped an absolutely incredible new album, All Of Your Stones.

After the tragic passing of the bands founding guitarist, Jason “Rowdy” Cope in January of this year, the southern rock band dedicated the album to him. Carrying Rowdy’s spirit through and through, it’s a worthy tribute to a beloved friend and bandmate, and a damn good rock ‘n roll record.

And, y’all know I was a little concerned about the musical direction of Ashley Monroe when she recently released her pop album, Rosegold. But then, she hit us with a Travis Tritt co-write last week and now, she’s absolutely lighting it UP on her duet with The Steel Woods lead singer, Wes Bayliss.

They covered Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 1974 song “I Need You”, from their second studio album appropriately titled Second Helping. The song was written by Ed King, Gary Rossington and Ronnie Van Zant.

Ashley took to her social channels to share a clip of the song and pay tribute to Rowdy:

“‘All of Your Stones’ is out today, and it’s an instant classic to me. I believe the spirit of Jason “Rowdy” Cope is fully captured in every single song and note and guitar lick on here.

This band is jawdropping-ly good. I hope they never stop asking me to sing with them. I highly recommend everyone listen to this work of art. Congratulations The Steel Woods. Jason, we feel you down here especially strong today. Love you all.”

Check out the full live performance they did of the song last year:

I mean, good lord those two can SING.

I was blown away listening to this the first time. I think “jaw-dropping-ly good” is quite an understatement. It’s bluesy, sexy and their vocals are just on another level… I’m surprised they didn’t just blow the damn roof clean off the building. If anyone on the planet can do Lynyrd Skynyrd justice, it’s them.

Here’s the newest studio version, along with a couple other tracks from the new project you need to check out:

“I Need You”

“All of Your Stones”

“Run on Ahead”

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