Travis Tritt Enlists The Help Of Ashley Monroe For Sweet Ballad, “Leave This World”

Damn, there is SO much awesome new music out today.

From a surprise release of a 90’s country cover album from American Aquarium, to Miranda Lambert and company with The Marfa Tapes, to Travis Tritt’s first album in almost 14 years, Set In Stone, we’ve got a lot of great new stuff to listen to.

Travis’ record was produced by Dave Cobb, and features co-writes from a host of some of the best writers around, including Brent Cobb, Adam Hood, Channing Wilson, Dillon Carmichael and plenty of others.

And, with Ashley’s most recent release of her psychedelic, lush, pop album, Rosegold, I was a little worried she might be veering out of the country scene for a while. But, enter Travis’ new album and a little track called “Leave This World,” and I feel a little bit better about her place in country.

It’s a lovely, sweet song, where Travis is professing that he doesn’t want to be alive without his love. When you look at the lyrics, it actually reads more like a love letter, which is just precious:

“If we were ever parted,
One of us leaves one of us too soon,
I’d meet you in a sky forever blue,
But I don’t wanna leave this world without you”

Ashley took to her Instagram stories to say just how happy she was to have a co-write on the album:

“So proud to have written this one with the amazing Travis Tritt.”

Of course, I can only imagine what it’s like to write a song alongside a legend like Travis Tritt, but it’s pretty cool to see the two of them working together.

What a great day for country music:

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