Turkey Call: Hunting Turkeys In Wyoming With Gary & Charlie Of Muscadine Bloodline

The wild turkey hunting exploits of the band Muscadine Bloodline are the focus of a new short film from the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF).

Founded in 1973 and based in Edgefield, South Carolina, NWTF is one of the largest and most storied wildlife conservation groups in the world. The organization is dedicated to the conservation of wild turkeys and the preservation of our nation’s hunting heritage.

When NWTF was founded, just 1.3 million wild turkey’s existed in the United States. Today, thanks in large part to conservation efforts spearheaded by NWTF, there are more than 7 million wild turkeys clucking around America’s wild places.

Since 1985, NWTF volunteers and partners have generated more than $488 million to implement the organization’s mission of ensuring more birds in more places.

Few people have a better appreciation and dedication to our nation’s turkey hunting heritage than Gary Stanton, who is one half of the Muscadine Bloodline duo.

Arguably no one in the music industry hit the turkey woods harder than Stanton this spring, successfully bagging several birds across the country in states like Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama.

“Probably pulled my last trigger of Spring 2021 yesterday and now I’m tagged out in the Volunteer state. These birds are a blessing and they sure make the world go round!”

His hunting experiences in Wyoming were the most special though.

Not only did he successfully shoot his first Merriam’s turkey, one of four subspecies of the wild bird, but he also was able to put his bandmate and best friend, Charlie Muncaster on his very first bird. Something both of them will never forget.

A remarkable memory for both men to cherish and a story we published earlier in the spring. 

“Finally got my first bird. Life changing day to say the least. Couldn’t have done it without my best bud Gary Stanton and a few more amazing people. Can’t wait to show y’all the footage.”

Even more special is that cameras were rolling for the entire experience thanks to the fine folks at NWTF who focused on the hunt as part of their Turkey Call video series.

“The first time I had a bead on a turkey, and it all came to fruition, it was like the greatest thing ever!”

“You only kill your first bird once!”

“Turkey Call: Muscadine Bloodline Teaser – Country duo Muscadine Bloodline heads to Wyoming to find black hills Merriams turkeys. Gary, an avid turkey hunter, introduces his bandmate Charlie to the lifestyle.

This film will be filled with great music and great times, as well as first time experiences in the outdoors.”

Be sure to check out the full video below.

It includes some incredible acoustic tunes from the boys as well.

You can also support conservation efforts and promote sustainable hunting by becoming a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation today for just $35.

Your contribution will be used to further the organizations “Save The Habitat – Save The Hunt” initiative, which helps to conserve vital wildlife habitat and preserve our hunting heritage for future generations to enjoy.

In addition to joining the worlds largest network of turkey hunters, you’ll also receive a subscription to NWTF’s magazine as well as exclusive discounts on hunting products and services.

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