Muscadine Bloodline Braves Wyoming Blizzard For Charlie’s First Turkey Hunt

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Turkey hunting is typically associated with warm blue skies and the first spring breeze of the year, not a winter wonderland.

But the boys from Muscadine Bloodline recently bundled up and ventured into the snow-covered Black Hills to chase some gobblers.

The two Alabama natives probably aren’t too accustomed to April blizzards, however, the Merriam’s turkey they shot was probably more accustomed to the Wyoming weather.

Merriam’s turkeys, one of four subspecies of wild turkeys, are native to the Rocky Mountains and prairies of the western U.S. The birds are distinguishable from the Eastern subspecies thanks to the creamy white tips on the end of their tail feathers.

Making the hunt even more special than the unique weather conditions is the fact that it was Charlie Muncaster’s first turkey, and he bagged it thanks to his experienced hunting guide and bandmate Gary Stanton.

“Charlie’s first turkey was a hunt of a lifetime, in a winter storm, in the black hills of Wyoming!”

Something tells us it won’t be his last.

“Finally got my first bird. Life-changing day, to say the least. Couldn’t have done it without my best bud Gary and a few more amazing people.”

Few country artists are more devoted to turkey hunting than Stanton, who has become a fixture for the brands Mossy Oak and Spring Legion.

Prior to putting his good buddy on a bird, Gary already scored himself a pair of successful hunts in Alabama and Tennessee where the weather looked a little warmer. You can tell how genuinely knowledgeable and passionate he is about hunting just by the way he talks turkey.

“I had a textbook off the roost hunt in the swamp bottoms of Alabama this morning. He gobbled about 20 times on the limb, flew down in my lap at 70 steps, and strutted, spit, and drummed the 40 after that.

We proceeded to wrestle in the slough he flopped in. He was way prettier 10 minutes before this picture but, you would’ve had to been there to see it. We don’t deserve mornings like but it’s a blessing when we do.”

“He whooped up on me ’til 3 pm. He fired off at 10 am at a flock of geese and the chess match started and lasted 5 hours in the Tennessee hills.”

Good stuff.

The duo also recently released a Fifth Anniversary edition of their hit song, “Porch Swing Angel.”

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