It Only Took One Day For A Full Blown Fight To Break Out At The Gas Station

A man kicking another man off the ground

Here in the southeast, people have been losing their minds after the Colonial gas pipeline was hacked.

I mean here in South Carolina, you drive down the road and the few gas stations that still have gas left have lines stretching a mile down the road. Needless to say, people have been a little on edge here the past couple of days, and when people are on edge, it can cause a few scuffles…

And that’s exactly what happened in Knightdale, NC on Tuesday.

According to the WRAL, video footage shows a fight erupted at an NC gas station, after one woman cut in front of somebody in the line, and actually bumped into a guy’s car. Then… she spits at him through his window…

You’ll never guess what happens next…

The pissed off man gets out of his car, spits in the woman’s face as well, and the next thing you know, we have a good old fashioned gas station scrap. Some blows are exchanged, the woman tears off the man’s T-shirt, and he eventually kicks her phone out into the street.

According to the witness who took the video, both were arrested.


In 2020 we had people swinging fists over masks and toilet paper, Karens running rampant at the grocery store and in the park, and now, 2021 brings us brawls in gas station parking lots.

Strange times man, strange times…

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A beer bottle on a dock