This Elk Eats A Rabbit Like Bugs Bunny Eats A Carrot

This video of an elk chewing on this unlucky rabbit’s foot looks like everyone’s favorite Looney Toon munching on a carrot stick.

While primarily plant eaters, herbivores like elk and deer have been observed to opportunistically feed on small mammals and birds every so often.

According to Nature Is Metal, it’s not quite understood what the goal is when they start chompin’ on small animals:

“It’s not a well known fact, but it is a fact none the less: occasionally, some herbivores will eat meat if presented with the opportunity to do so.

They are also known to frequent gut piles left behind by hunters, however it is not clear whether they are after the organs themselves or the undigested fruits and berries within them that the previous owner will no longer have need for.”

Although because they’re built to eat plants, they don’t quite have the teeth required to chew through flesh. Hence, she starts swinging that thing around like a shark thrashing about with a victim in its jaws.

Either way, the sight of a deer with  a rabbit in its mouth is a bit… unsettling.

Damn nature… you scary.

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