Bison Charges Biker, Rips Her Pants Off, And Flings Her Around Like A Rag Doll In Bizarre Attack

A person walking down a road with cows

Here we go again…

I’m not exactly sure what people think they’re approaching when they walk up to a bison, but these aren’t docile dairy cows. They’re nearly 2,000 lb trucks with horns on them that think nothing of running you clean into the ground if you get too close.

We saw a 9-year-old girl get air mailed (she was fine though) after her parents got too close (way to go dad), we saw an elderly lady get gored at Yellowstone after she tried to pet a bison, yes PET A BISON.

It should go without saying, but don’t try and put a bison people. And finally, we saw a woman barely escape a goring when she tripped over her own feet in Yellowstone.

And yet, we now have ANOTHER video of woman getting railroaded by a bison in South Dakota.

According to New York Post, the woman (and her group of motorcyclists) were riding through Custer State Park in South Dakota, when they stopped to get a picture of a the herd.

The women (like an idiot) approached a bison calf and naturally mama bison did what protective parents do when strangers approach their children… she attacked.

The woman narrowly missed a goring as the horn caught the belt loop on her pants… you imagine what happened next.

Yup, mama bison swung her around like a rag doll until her pants came off, and she wound up laying on the side of the road, pantsless and unconscious.

She was airlifted to a local hospital with a concussion, however she is expected to recover.

The good news though? They recovered her pants from the bison…

Bison do not like bikers though.

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