A Look Back At Sundy Best’s Long Awaited “Kinfolk Reunion”

The world is healing. Live music is picking back up. And the Kinfolk are reuniting.

Everybody’s favorite Appalachian jam band, Sundy Best, has officially metaphorically kissed and musically made up much to the delight of all us Kinfolk, the band’s dedicated fanbase.

For the first time in a few years, the band played live shows together back in their hometown of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, and celebrated their renewed musical matrimony during a 3-night series of shows they dubbed the Kinfolk Reunion.

Kinfolk is an old fashioned term that means blood relatives, and it’s a colloquial slang term still commonly used throughout Appalachia that more broadly means friends and family. It’s also the name of Sundy Best’s fanbase, a fitting term given the special connection that the band has formed with lovers of their music over the years.

The Kinfolk movement obviously means a lot to Nicholas Jamerson and Kristofer Bentley, the duo of dudes that make up Sundy Best.  After the Kinfolk Reunion weekend, the band posed the question “What does Kinfolk mean to you?” on their social media accounts.

The answers shed an almost spiritual light on just how powerful music can be.

“Not only from the same area, but those who spiritually connect through music.”

“Kinfolk is the people who surround you, your family, close friends, and the community you grow up in.  The ones who make your life better.”

“Hey y’all! I think “Kinfolk” means love, family, memories and now music!!”

“Ones who always tell you the truth and have your back!”

“Our heritage, our stories, our music, sewn together to make a quilt that covers us with love and acceptance.”

“When I first found Sundy Best, I didn’t understand what “kinfolk” meant. I kept reading and found their definition. Obviously I understood the words but I didn’t understand the true meaning until last weekend. It seems to me Kinfolk are the people you choose and choose YOU as family. I’ve never felt more welcomed, wanted, and loved than the 4 days I spent in Prestonsburg. Thank you.”

It was obviously not only a special weekend for fans of the band, but for the band members themselves too.

“Sundy Best’s #KinfolkReunion is over, but the good times, love, and wald content are just getting started. Thanks to all the kinfolk who performed and worked on the shows and an even bigger thanks to all the kinfolk who came out to see us.

Y’all made it special.”

Your next chance to party with the Kinfolk and catch a live Sundy Best show will be July 3rd at Chenault Vineyards in Richmond, Kentucky as they’re slated to perform at the Vibes in the Vines event.

Making the shows in Prestonsburg and Richmond even more amazing, is that they’re taking place in Eastern Kentucky, a very special place for the band considering those mountains they sing about in the song “These Mountains” are in Eastern Kentucky.

It’s only fitting that the Kinfolk movement is getting fired up back where it all started.

“… Look out the backdoor there’s the river
Turkeys are talking on the hill
They get so loose in late September
I love this place, and I always will
Yeah these mountains make me sing
Yeah these mountains, they do bring
So much joy, a living work of art
Yeah these mountains, they stole my heart… 

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