Jake Paul Incites Brawl With Floyd Mayweather At Press Conference, Leaves With Busted Tooth & Black Eye

It’s been said before that being a professional boxer is more about promoting your boxing brand and selling your title bouts than it is actually fighting.

Muhammad Ali is without a doubt the greatest boxer that ever lived, both inside of the ring and outside of the ring. His legendary showmanship was exceeded only by his actual boxing ability.

Looking at things through the perspective of selling fights, Floyd Mayweather is the second best boxer ever even though his punches never packed the same power that Ali’s or Mike Tyson’s did. He may have just been passed on that list by a guy who is barely even a boxer though…

Jake Paul.

That’s right. You heard me. Jake Paul has become one of the greatest fight salesmen on Earth even though he’s only been in a handful of boxing matches against a random collection of dudes that aren’t even boxers.

Mayweather is slated to duke it with Jake Paul’s brother Logan  in the ring next month, but earlier today Floyd and both Paul brothers rolled into Miami to start promoting the fight.

It didn’t take long before the media event evolved into a full on circus though, thanks to some legendary antics from Jake Paul, who has some how found a way to become both increasingly likable and hate-able at the same damn time.

The two men traded a few words, and then Paul did one of the most amazing and disrespectful things that a grown man has ever done to another grown man…

He snatched his hat and ran away.

The move is arguably even more disrespectful than when he called Conor McGregor’s fiancée ugly while challenging him to a fight. 

Any dude who wears hats on the reg knows that it’s completely off limits to remove, degrade, or mess with another mans lid like that. It could be likened to tarnishing a king’s crown. All hat wearing guys and hat liking girls know the only situation in which it’s okay to steal a mans hat and run off with it is if the hat thief is a drunk girl in a bar who wants the guy whose hat she stole to take her home that night.

It’s all just flirtatious fun and games in that situation.

But for Jake, it was part of his plan.

The mayhem that just unfolded in Miami was far more hostile than that though. If Mayweather and the Paul brothers didn’t actually hate each other already, it looks like they surely do now.

Mayweather obviously felt the sting of Paul’s actions, even going so far as threatening to end Jake Paul and his brother Logan’s lives over the incident. An entertaining reaction for sure, but also probably way too extreme.

Floyd Mayweather is now yelling “I’ll kill you motherfucker” at Logan Paul while being held back.

Mayweather will be putting his 50-o career boxing record on the line when he squares up with Paul. 27 of those 50 victories have come via knockout.

In terms of pay-per-view revenue, Mayweather is the greatest boxer ever, with 24 million streams of his fights being purchased for a grand total of $1.67 billion. In 2018, Mayweather was the most-paid athlete in the world, with earnings amounting to $275 million.

Jake Paul is undefeated in his boxing career as well, but he’s only fought three times. All three of his wins came via knockout as well. Each of Paul’s fights have put up huge pay-per-view numbers in their own right too.

Logan Paul has only been in one boxing match in his life, which he lost.

Mayweather and Logan Paul will have their chance to settle this disagreement once and for all when they touch gloves and swing at each others faces on June 6th.

After today’s events, that event just became must watch TV.

No one will blame you if you dislike all 3 of these guys. But you have to admit they know what they’re doing when it comes to stirring the pot in order to increase fight revenues.

They’re provocative.

They. Get. The. People. Going.

Boxing hasn’t been this exciting since Ali flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee or Tyson was biting peoples ears of.

And oh yeah, something landed.

Jake left the scrap with a busted eye and a broken tooth.

Apparently it came from a bodyguard.

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