Daniel Cormier & Jake Paul Exchange Words At UFC 261, Crowd Chants “F*ck Jake Paul”

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Heat it UP.

As much as I hate the circus that is Jake Paul’s boxing career, you gotta hand it to the guy… he knows how to market a fight (and himself). And he’s gonna make a boat load of money doing it.

I mean, how many people out there, that would never normally give a rat’s ass about anything Jake Paul has to say (raises hand), are tuning in, just hoping that Jake gets his ass kicked? (Raises hand again).

And then he wins, so now you gotta tune in next time, hoping THIS is the time that it finally happens. It’s genius really…

But unfortunately for Jake his next target isn’t another YouTuber, a retired (very undersized) NBA player or an out of shape, retired MMA fighter that looked like he didn’t even care to be there… he’s coming after former UFC champ Daniel Cormier.

And DC isn’t having it.

During last night’s UFC 261, Cormier confronted Paul in the stands and needless to say, it got INTENSE.

The crowd also erupted into a rather hilarious “Fuck Jake Paul” chant.

But overall, Dana White probably summed it up the best.

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I mean, I don’t see how there is any way in hell DC ever fights Jake Paul, but if he did… I’d watch it.

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