Carly Pearce Teases New Music, Releases Stripped Down Versions of “29,” “Day One,” And More

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Carly Pearce hasn’t slowed down one bit since the release of her stellar EP, 29, earlier this year.

She recently hinted on her Instagram that she wasn’t quite finished with this chapter yet, so there is likely more coming as an extension of this project, which I’m sure will be nothing short of fantastic:

On top of that, not too long ago, she debuted a brand new song called “Dear Miss Loretta” at the Grand Ole Opry, and I’m hoping that will be included on whatever’s coming next, too.

And in promotion of all the awesome tracks that are on her newest EP, she’s been putting out acoustic, stripped-down versions of some of them.

I do love a good acoustic version of any song, because I feel like it really shows off an artists true, raw talent. Ya got it or you don’t, and if you can sing all of your songs acoustically without big production or editing, you’re probably pretty damn good.

There’s just something about these versions that resonate with me on a different level, and I didn’t even know that was possible. I mean, the way she sings the bridge on “29” for this live version speaks to my soul…


“Day One”

She has such a gorgeous voice that’s showcased so perfectly in these live sessions, I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

I, for one, am glad this chapter isn’t over for her quite yet…

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