Carly Pearce Debuts New Song About Loretta Lynn At The Grand Ole Opry

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Carly Pearce debuted a brand new song at the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night.

The song is a sweet letter to country icon Loretta Lynn (who just released her own new album this past Friday), and whose music Carly is relating to now more than ever in light of her very public divorce from Michael Ray.

“So I don’t think you can sing country music, especially as a female, and grow up in the state of Kentucky and not love Loretta Lynn. So, I wrote this song as a letter to Loretta, I’ve never met her but we have a lot in common.

And I think over the last year and a half I’ve understood her songs and the way that she told her truth a lot more than I ever thought I would.”

Loretta is known for tackling tough topics with her music, writing songs that mirror the struggles of real life including her own marriage problems, so the new song not only serves as a tribute to her Kentucky roots, but is a good reminder that music can get you through just about anything.

And since Carly also just released an incredible new EP, it might be a while before we get to hear this one on an album. But hopefully she records it sooner rather than later because I’m already in love with it.

“I ain’t a coal miners daughter
But my grandmother was
Must be whiskey in the water,
Must be bourbon in the blood
I’m a long way from Kentucky 
But the hurting’s the same
Now I know why you sang that way.”

Check out Carly’s emotional debut performance of it here:

And her entire Opry performance here:

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