Garth Brooks Says He Would Like To Do A Duet With Luke Combs

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Luke Combs is undeniably one of the biggest names in country music right now.

He’s had about a zillion number one hits in a row, so it’s no wonder that other artists are lining up to work with him.

And apparently that includes Garth Brooks.

On a recent episode (Are they called episodes? Installments? Live-streams?) of Inside Studio G on Facebook, Garth answered a question from a fan about artists he would like to record a duet with. And in addition to a bevy of female power vocalists like Pink, Adele, and Kelly Clarkson, Luke Combs was on Garth’s list.

“I’d do anything with Luke Combs. Just a sweet guy.”

Now, this is a duet I could get behind. Regardless of how you feel about Garth, he has some of the most iconic songs of the ’90s. And Luke is leading the charge to bring that ’90s country sound back to today’s country music. So a duet between the two only makes sense.

Of course, Garth also mentioned that he would like to do a duet with Bruno Mars, which makes…well, less sense. But I think even Garth realizes that this is one pairing that might not work:

“I’m just not cool enough. I just couldn’t. I’m just square, white guy.”

Whoa, maybe g is more self aware than we thought…

So while I’m not jumping out of my seat at the thought of a Garth Brooks duet with Bruno Mars, a collaboration with Luke Combs would definitely get my attention.

As long as he releases it on Spotify and not just on Amazon Music or GhostTunes or wherever it is that Garth’s releasing his new music these days.

I mean, remember Luke covered “The Dance”?

Oh, and since we’re talking about new music from Garth, let’s not forget what else we have to look forward to: More Chris Gaines music.

Watch the full episode below:

Wrapped up in U-tah #GarthInSALTLAKE!! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, May 3, 2021

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