Justin Moore Picks Up Right Where He Left Off With New ‘Straight Outta The Country’

Justin Moore

Didn’t miss a beat.

Justin Moore‘s 2019 Late Nights and Longnecks was a stone-cold country masterpiece that never really got the respect it deserved. Hell, there were quite a few songs on that album, songs like “Good Times Don’t” and “Someday I Gotta Quit,” that could have easily been singles but never got their chance at radio.

And Justin’s picking up right where Late Nights and Longnecks left off with his new 8-song album, Straight Outta the Country.

Justin assembled a track list full of songwriting heavy hitters, with cuts from guys like Rhett Akins, Randy Montana, Hardy, Josh Thompson, and Casey Beathard (who is absolutely KILLING it right now, between his songs like “Russian Roulette” and “Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones” on Eric Church‘s new project and Justin’s “Consecutive Days Alive”).

There’s not a bad song on the album, which means there are plenty of highlights packed into 24 minutes.

There’s the aforementioned “Consecutive Days Alive,” a barroom celebration of a hard-lived life.

“I’ve run hard with the devil
Leaned heavy on the petal
Put some dents in Detroit metal
Pushed my luck rolling the dice

Gave my mama’s prayers a good run
I been cut some slack and then some
Every crazy thing that you’ve done
There’s a good chance I’ve done twice

Boys today I’m just proud to say that I’ve
Broke my record for consecutive days alive”

There’s also the tenderhearted tribute to his daughters, “More Than Me,” that finds Justin wishing for a better life for his children than he’s had for himself, a sentiment that’s sure to ring true and melt the hearts of any parent who hears it.

“I hope you love
I hope you hit your knees
Hope you get to see the hometown team win
A little more than me
I know the world’s gonna think the world of you
But I swear on the stars above you
No one’s gonna love you more than me”

But if I had to pick a star from this album (at least from the songs that we hadn’t heard before), it’s the healthy dose of heartbreak that we get with “You Keep Getting Me Drunk.”

“You keep getting me drunk
Left me nothing to hold
But this whiskey in my cup
How can I get over us
When I can’t even sober up
You keep getting
You keep getting me drunk”

If I had to come up with a complaint about this album, it would have to be that it’s too short and that we need more new music from Justin.

Because like a fine wine, his music just keeps getting better with age.

And if you haven’t heard Justin’s latest single from this latest album (and you should have by now), make sure to check out “She Ain’t Mine No More.”

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