Kip Moore Teases Something “Up My Sleeve” Coming This Friday

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Kip Moore is teasing something new coming soon and it’s the best news I’ve heard this week:

No word on what it could be yet, but he’s been putting out feelers on twitter for the past week or so, asking fans what underground song they want recorded and hinting that he may be working on some new music, so maybe we’ll get to hear one of those unreleased tracks or another new song.

He also released the awesome album Wild World earlier last summer, which unfortunately he didn’t get to tour for due to the COVID pandemic. If we’re really lucky, we could possibly even see some sort of tour announcement (fingers crossed).

He mentioned in the tweet he’s switched gears and I have no idea what that means. Maybe he decided to change up his plan for the release, take a different direction with the sound, or something totally different… you never know what he’s gonna next.

To be honest, I really don’t care what it is because I’m PUMPED.

And, in case it’s not too leave a last minute request, I’ll drop one of my favorite of his underground songs here…

“Tallahassee Girl”:

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A beer bottle on a dock