VIDEO: Aaron Donald Might’ve Actually Saved The Guy That Accused Him Of Beating His Face In

Apparently the tables are turning with the Aaron Donald incident… and the camera doesn’t lie.

Earlier this week, a man by the name DeVincent Spriggs accused the L.A. Rams defensive tackle of beating his face in outside of a bar in Pittsburg, PA.

Now, Donald and his team are speaking out, arguing that he actually tried to break up the fight, and thereby kept Spriggs from even further injury.

And it looks like there’s video footage to prove it.

According to the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Donald’s lawyer Casey White laid out the incident that occurred on April 11th, and stated that Spriggs initiated any confrontation.

After a jab in the back, Donald turned around to see a wasted Spriggs, who then instigated a conflict with Donald. Spriggs was immediately kicked out of the party.

But then he waited for Donald outside (who the hell waits outside for a man as big as Aaron Donald?)

Later, when Donald and his brother Archie Jr. went outside, Spriggs started yelling, and had something in his right hand which the defensive lineman believed to be a gun, but was actually a liquor bottle.

Spriggs swung the liquor bottle at Donald, and that’s when other people jumped in and beat his ass. According to White, Donald was being restrained by others the whole time, and actually made an effort to break up the fight.

And it looks like he did, before he was pulled away once more.

“He actually saved Mr. Spriggs from further injury. It’s fantastic, from a defense attorney’s perspective, to be honest with you.”

White feels pretty confident they have all the proof they need to prove Donald is innocent:

“We have the surveillance video, and we have five corroborating witnesses at this point. And we have more that are coming out of the woodwork.”

Needless to say, things aren’t looking too good for Spriggs. Aaron obviously has the deep pockets, but it appears as though this case might get dropped pretty quickly.

And one more time… who the hell would try and fight this guy?

I mean… ain’t enough liquid courage in the world to make me want to fight this guy.

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A beer bottle on a dock