Twitter Erupts As Man Accuses L.A. Rams Star DT Aaron Donald Of Beating His Face In At Night Club

Aaron Donald in a white and blue uniform looking at another man
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Aaron Donald might be on his way to writing a big, fat check…

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the L.A. Rams defensive tackle has been accused of assaulting a man by the name of DeVincent Spriggs (26) at a night club in Pittsburgh, PA. Donald is a native of the Pittsburgh area.

According to Spriggs and his attorney, Todd Hollis, Donald attacked him outside of the club around 3-4 AM, leaving him in an arm sling, a swollen shut black eye, 16 stiches in his eye, and a concussion, along with other injuries. He was treated at a hospital and then released.

“We believe there was a misunderstanding that Mr. Spriggs bumped into Mr. Donald and Mr. Donald escalated the matter, leading to my client’s assault moments later.”

Right around noon, Hollis and Spriggs, arrived at the Pittsburgh Police Zone 3 station in Arlington to file charges against Donald. They’re also asking police to conduct a full investigation of the incident.

We’ll wait until all the facts are out, but I just never understand why people could be this dumb sometimes. You’re getting paid millions of dollars to play a sport, have everything you could ever want, and you risk everything by beating up some random guy at a night club (allegedly, of course)? We even saw this same situation with Pittsburg Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool a few weeks ago. Just walk away dude, walk away.

People just don’t use their heads sometimes. And speaking of not using your head? Why the hell are you trying to fight Aaron Donald, literally the biggest, baddest dude in the NFL? I mean, have you looked at the guy? He’s an absolute freak of nature that spends his Sundays tossing around 300lb men like it’s nothing.

I take that back… he did use his head… to block Aaron’s punches (once again… allegedly, of course).

Many consider Donald to be the best defensive player in the NFL right now, on track to a hall of fame career.

The alleged victim appeared before local news regarding the incident, however I imagine the video will be out pretty soon and we can get to the bottom of this.

However, this situation has sparked some hilarious tweets though…

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