Drunk, Shirtless Dad Wields Flagstick Like A Weapon In Hilarious Golf Course Fight

A group of people playing golf

Out of every single sport, golf would be the last one you’d think would ever involve fighting…

But you’d be surprised.

Golf’s a frustrating game, and a bad round can put you in a bad mood. Next thing you know you exchange some expletives with your playing partner and fists start flying (especially after a few too many drinks).

Okay, it’s very rare, but it does happen. I’m a witness…

Last year, we documented several fights between a bunch of old guys on the golf course, and needless to say, it’s hilarious. Every single time old dads start brawling on the course, I’m ready to pull up a chair and watch.

And now, the streak of dads getting heated on the golf course continues, as footage of a brawl on the links went viral on the internet a couple of days ago.

However, this fight is a little different than most. This one involved a shirtless dude using a flagstick as a lethal weapon.

That’s right, he was swinging it like a sword.

And it happened at a CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT.

Two dudes started going at it on the 17th hole, as one of the guys tried to pull the signature Happy Gilmore “pull the shirt over his head so he can’t see” move. It didn’t work, as he simply took his shirt off.

Next thing you know, the shirtless guy went straight for a flagstick and tried to beat the guy to death with it.

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Now I’m pretty surprised he didn’t go for a golf club, though. I feel like that would hurt way worse, but hey, let the guy do him.

I can’t believe nobody around them tried to break it up. They were willing to watch a battle to the death.

According to the New York Post, the two got into a fight because one accused the other of stealing his phone. The manager of the golf course, Deon Kruger, released a statement about the incident:

“The golfers were playing 18 holes. A player on the 18th hole had lost his phone and when he called it a golfer on the 17th hole answered it.

There was a heated exchange of words and a rumpus when the players approached each other. This whole thing comes down too much alcohol and the players, who until then had been well-behaved, drinking on the course.

We do not condone nor allow drinking on the course but some players, like these, had snuck alcohol on to the course and were drinking while playing. The drinking resulted in this very unfortunate incident.”

The craziest part is the course doesn’t even allow alcohol. The guys snuck it in themselves.

I guess they must’ve been drinking straight tequila, because that’s the only drink that’s ever made me act like that.

Cue up John Anderson’s “Straight Tequila Night.”

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