Loretta Lynn Praises Alan Jackson’s New Album: “Just When I Thought Country Music Was Near Gone”

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In case you didn’t know, Alan Jackson has something special brewing with this new album he’s coming out with on May 14th. He’s already noted that this album is gonna be the “most country” album he’s ever done, and that’s coming from the guy who was about as real deal as it gets back in the ’90s.

He’s already released three songs, titled “Where Have You Gone,” “Things That Matter,” and “Way Down In My Whiskey,” and within seconds of listening to those songs, you already know…. it’s stone cold country music.

Needless to say, stars in the genre, especially those who have been in the industry for a long, long time, have had a ton of praise for the potential of this album.

One star in particular? One of the queens of country music herself, Ms. Loretta Lynn.

She posted a tweet yesterday, with high praises for the album, but also mentioning that country music was damn near dead:

“Just when I thought country music was near gone, Alan Jackson brings it back to life! What an album, he’s given us. Y’all go listen to it right now. Alan, thank you honey for keeping it country!”

You have to remember, Lynn is the person who said that country music is “dead” in an interview back in January of last year, so this is huge news coming from her.

From one legend to another… Alan Jackson is fixin’ to save country music.

I’m not sure if May 14th can get here fast enough.

“Where Have You Gone.”

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