After a Suicide Attempt, Chase Bryant Is Back, Better Than Ever, And Releasing Legit Country Music

Jeff Ray

What an incredible story here.

We’ve known Chase Bryant for quite a while. He had success early in his career, but things got dark. Bryant went off the grid for years, battling demons and separating himself from the music industry.

After a suicide attempt as he details below, he went to work to fix himself, then the music came. And the music is better than ever.

I’ll let Chase tell his story…

After releasing the title track to the new album, Upbringing, Bryant most recently released one I’ve had on repeat, “High, Drunk, and Heartbroke.”

It’s damn good.

This album will be loaded with soul, spirit, and vulnerability. Stay tuned.

Upbringing Tracklist (available July 16):

Produced by Chase Bryant and Jon Randall, along with J.J. Johnson and Charlie Sexton.

1. Upbringing (Chase Bryant / Stephen Wilson Jr.)
2. Think About That (Chase Bryant / Lance Miller / Brad Warren / Brett Warren)
3. Little Bitty Town (Chase Bryant / Lance Miller / Tim Owens)
4. Even Now ft. Jessi Alexander (Chase Bryant / Joe Haydel / Tim Owens)
5. Somewhere in a Bar (Chase Bryant / Stephen Wilson Jr.)
6. Cold Beer (Chase Bryant / Aaron Raitiere)
7. Selfish (Chase Bryant / Cary Barlowe / Will Weatherly)
8. Paradise (Chase Bryant / Cary Barlowe / Will Weatherly)
9. Red Light (Chase Bryant / Ryan Beaver)
10. Drinking in My Car (Jon Randall)
11. In the First Place (Stephen Wilson Jr. / Ryan Beaver)
12. High, Drunk, and Heartbroke (Chase Bryant / Stephen Wilson Jr. / Dave Pittenger)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Available 24 hours: 800-273-8255

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