Alan Jackson Gets The Entire Internet Fully Torqued With New Post: “You’ve Been Waiting…”

Alan Jackson wearing a cowboy hat
Alan Jackson/Twitter

Yes, Alan, we have.

We have been waiting. We all want new music and for you to swoop in after these batshit crazy 13 months and save us with a hammer of a new song, album, triple album, whatever.

Last night, we did the unthinkable, and asked fans this.

One thing is clear, people love both of these legends (ya think).

For me personally, and I’ve said this a bunch, I land here…

Well surprise surprise. Today Alan Jackson got the entire internet fully torqued with a cryptic social media post.

“You’ve been waiting… #KeepinItCountry”

After you snap out of the hypnosis Jackson puts you in with that stare, you think this can only mean one thing…new music? Running through the comments, that’s exactly what everyone is clamoring for.

Alan’s label, UMG Nashville, even commented with the “eyes” emoji…

Somethin’ is coming.

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