Farmer Sedates His Pig With Natural Light Beer In Order To Administer First Aid To Damaged Hoof

This is a first for me.

I’ve long heard about farm animals and beers in various forms and stories, but I’ve never seen a sow guzzle Natural Light in order to relax for medical reasons.

According to, farm animals and beer go back a long time. Many farmers around the world have been known to give their goats dark beer when they are “struggling with loss of appetite or need a boost after physical exertion.”

If you aren’t going to spend on some hipster-favorite IPA, enter Natty.

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There are many stories of “small-scale pig producers offering sows a six-pack, straight or mixed with milk, as soon as they finish giving birth. A mild buzz helps them relax and let down their milk. It’s mentioned, in fact, in one of James Herriot’s books.”

This wasn’t a case of milk production, but rather an emergency first aid inspection of the sow’s hoof.

Red Tool House – Homestead had the following to say regarding the process…

“In this video, I noticed that one of my sows had a damaged hoof. In order to inspect it closely and to administer any first aid if needed, I had to have a way to sedate her. She isn’t going to allow me to walk up and grab her by the foot. I had heard for years about the trick of giving the pig beer for sedating. We try that trick for the first time.”

Spoiler – it worked like a charm.

Learn somethin’ every day.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock