Happy One Year Anniversary To ‘Tiger King’

How has it only been a year?

It may feel like forever ago that the entire world was sitting around locked in their homes watching Tiger KingBut actually, the documentary about tigers, murder, drugs, and just all around crazy shit was actually only released on Netflix one year ago today.

What a weird time that was.

The world had basically shut down, we were all locked down fighting for the last roll of toilet paper at the grocery store, and the only thing holding us together was a gun-toting, zoo-owning, former presidential candidate with a mullet who was in prison for hiring someone to murder a rival tiger zoo operator.

Well, that, and our collective hatred of “that bitch Carole Baskin.”

It may have just been because we had nothing else to do, or it may have been because of how absolutely batshit insane the whole thing was, but Tiger King managed to become the most-watched show on Netflix for 15 days straight.

Since then, Joe Exotic has become a household name. We’ve shared millions of Tiger King memes, we’ve followed along as Joe tried to get a pardon from former President Donald Trump, and we’ve been outraged as a judge handed Carole Baskin the keys to his former zoo.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fire country songs that Joe Exotic put out.

“I Saw A Tiger”

“Here Kitty Kitty”

Just absolute heaters.

And we’re still waiting for that long-rumored sequel to Tiger King. Several cast members have teased a new season of the docu-series, with one mentioning that it should drop “pretty soon.”

Tiger King has become such a strange cultural phenomenon, with its main character becoming an unlikely folk hero for many.

And it all started one year ago today.

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