WATCH: Customer Goes Insane, Throws Register Through Window Over Wingstop Order


Tharon Trujillo caught the madness at a California Wingstop when a customer LOST it, throwing the register through a window in the process.

“I guess they had messed up on his order twice,” Trujillo says.

“He was arguing. He was like, ‘Hey can you get my food remade?’ They said ‘Yes, we’re remaking it.’ Honestly, he only gave them maybe five minutes, and he’s like ‘The food is still not done? I don’t want you guys to spit in my food or whatever. Give me my food back.’”

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Once the customer asked for his money back, they told him online orders are not refundable.

That’s the one that did it.

As you’ll see, the dude rips the register off the counter, destroys it (reminiscent of that scene from Office Space), picks it back up, and throws it through the window, shattering it in the process.

The fella didn’t think this one through, however. He took off from the scene, but Wingstop has all of his personal contact info as HE PLACED THE ORDER. Reports indicate he has not yet been arrested, but will be soon.

Here’s the craziness. 

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock