Whiskey Myers Teams Up With Gruene Coffee Haus For Signature Pecan Coffee

A group of coffee cups on a table

Whiskey Myers are taking their talents elsewhere, partnering for a brand new product launch… and no, it’s not whiskey.

With the help of the group’s favorite coffee roasters, Gruene Coffee Haus, the Texas country-rockers have come out with their very own whole bean coffee. Released today, they launched the line with a Jeff Hogg favorite, the pecan blend.

They’re also giving out a badass matte black, limited-edition lightning bolt coffee mug with every purchase of the 16-oz. whole bean filled packages. The group has always dreamed of having a coffee line of their own, a strong cup of Joe has been saving grace for those long nights and early mornings on the road.

Gruene Coffee Haus also weighed in on what makes this coffee great:

“This medium roast, gourmet Costa Rican coffee is covered with our popular secret recipe of pecan, caramel, and vanilla extract oils. We then stir in fresh pecan pieces from Oliver Pecan Company, located right here in Texas.

When you grind your coffee to fill your morning cup, those pecan pieces get ground up with it like tiny exploding flavor capsules.”

I’m sold.

But… unfortunately, the first batch has sold out IMMEDIATLEY. However, they assure us that more stock is coming very soon.

Look at these beauties.

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And speaking of a strong brew, how about a little “Early Morning Shakes.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock