Photo Of Invisible Person In Camo Goes Viral After Friends Do Shots On Hike

A man holding a bottle of water

That’s a mind-bender right there.

For me, (not to brag) it took about five seconds to discover the invisible camo in this group photo.

Pat “Whole Foods” Deivernois takes a bunch of incredible outdoor photos for his Instagram, but it was this cheers that went viral for him on Reddit’s Confusing Perspective Subreddit.

Wild videos from the great outdoors

The caption reads:

“I swear there’s four of us.”

Let’s give it a try…

Can you spot the fourth person?

A man holding a bottle of alcohol

Not only did this break brains on Reddit, a tweet of the same photo got 220K likes.

Camo, good work.

If you don’t see it yet – keep looking…

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock