Miranda Lambert Has 13 Unreleased Songs With Jack Ingram & Jon Randall: “About Time To Start Sharing Them”

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As we mentioned yesterday, Miranda Lambert is cooking something up with fellow Texans, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. The trio is responsible for crafting two Miranda Lambert favorites: the should have won every award imaginable “Tin Man” and Wildcard fan favorite “Tequila Does.”

But according to Miranda, they have 13 new ones for the world to hear:

“Every time I need an escape, I go to Marfa, TX. Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall come. We recharge. We get inspired by its beauty. We write songs.

‘Tin Man’ was the 1st one we shared with you. ‘Tequila Does’ was the 2nd. In between, we’ve written 13 more. And it’s about time to start sharing them with y’all.”

Jon Randall added:

“Marfa, TX holds a special place in our hearts. Inspired by its serene beauty, Jack Ingram Miranda Lambert and I wrote ‘Tin Man’ and ‘Tequila Does’ here. We continued to dive deeper into the songwriting process and we came up with 13 more songs. It’s about time to share them with y’all.”

Full album? Collaborative album? A few one-off singles? Are we gonna get to hear that silky smooth voice of Jon Randall (who actually has a new single out btw) singing with Miranda? It all remains to be seen, but what we do know is that it definitely won’t suck.


A little taste of what’s to come…

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