Miranda Lambert Appears To Be Cooking Something Up With Jon Randall & Jack Ingram

Miranda Lambert wearing a hat and a white shirt and black pants
Miranda Lambert/Idyllwild

I don’t know what’s going on here… but I like it.

Miranda Lambert has had quite a bit of success collaborating with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram, in fact, some of her best work has those names attached to it.

The trio wrote “Tequila Does” together, as well as “Tin Man,” and it sounds like they might be cooking up something new as well.

Miranda took to Instagram to share both of those songs, tagging Jack and Jon in the posts. And when fans started freaking out, speculating that something new was on the horizon, she shared the following compilation, accompanied by an acoustic guitar riff:

So what’s going on?

New song, new live video… or could Miranda be bringing fellow Texas natives Jack Ingram and Jon Randall to her upcoming Billy Bob’s Texas shows in April? Who really knows… all we know is something good is happening.

She also retweeted a bunch of these, and then changed her profile picture on Facebook to one of her wearing a shirt that said “So Many Cowboys, So Little Time,” from her Idyllwild line. The photo included link back to the video compilation.

That last one though…

Either way, get excited.

UPDATE: It’s on!

What? We don’t know yet…

Here’s a performance of the Texas trio performing “Tin Man” together.

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